SWU Member benefits: Learn with Neil Thompson

 The following message has recently been sent to all Social Worker’s Union (SWU) members:

A personal message from Neil Thompson

I am delighted to be working with SWU to offer membership of my online learning programme at half price. It’s not a course in the conventional sense. Rather, it’s an online learning community, a place where people support each other in their learning. It’s based on principles of self-directed learning (the most effective type of learning) where you decide – with ...

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Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Look back, face forward

‘Learn from the past’ is an oft-quoted piece of wisdom. ‘Don’t look back, focus on the future’ is another one, despite the fact that the latter totally contradicts the former. So, where does that leave us? Well, as is often the case with slogan-type advice, they both oversimplify a complex situation.

Time is something we generally take for granted as a common sense issue. However, philosophers have long debated the nature of time. For example, in a sense, there is no ...

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The art of friendship

Reading, writing, arithmetic, and how to make friends and influence people: all in a day’s learning at St Michael’s Catholic Primary school in Sydney’s Lane Cove. The school’s Friendology program teaches kids how to make friends and how to put out “friendship fires”, important skills they’ll carry into adulthood.

Parents and teachers say the children’s social and emotional wellbeing is enhanced, they are performing better academically, and they are more likely to make smarter decisions in future relationships. Based on URSTRONG, an ...

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Voice as a fundamental aspect of ‘Good Work’

The Matthew Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices highlights the importance of effective worker voice for creating good work. We believe that having a meaningful voice is critical to better experience and outcomes of work, and therefore welcome Taylor’s inclusion of the CIPD’s viewpoint that ‘having a voice is essential not just at the moment of entering an employment relationship, but as it progresses, too.’ The review outlines several purposes of voice in the workplace, from raising concerns to influencing ...

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An end to workplace taboos surrounding women’s health conditions

Under-recognised chronic gynaecological health conditions are holding-back women’s productivity and could be damaging their career and earning potential. A new report launched by the Work Foundation highlights that women’s health conditions, such as endometriosis or infertility, having a long-term condition during pregnancy, and the experience of the menopause, are still considered taboo and are under-recognised in the workplace.

Endometriosis, a chronic condition that affects one in ten women of reproductive age in the UK, is the second most common gynaecological condition. It occurs ...

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We’d all benefit from encouraging children to go outside and take risks

Stop popping the balloons. Forget the dew on the grass. Bring back the conkers and the yo-yos. And ditch those hi-vis jackets that make every child look like Bob the Builder. It’s time, says the chief inspector of schools, to blast the bugles, sound the trumpets and chuck out the cotton wool. It’s time, in fact, to set the children of this nation free.

Perhaps she didn’t mention bugles, but at the weekend, Amanda Spielman did mention the “dew on the grass” ...

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