Job interviews ebook

Being invited to a job interview is a big deal for most people because it holds the promise of something we aspire to, but also requires that, in a short timescale and in unfamiliar circumstances, we present ourselves in the best possible light in order to convince our interviewers that we are the person they are looking for. For many, anxiety about the potential for under-performing turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy because anxiety gets in the way of doing our ...

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Playing to win v playing not to lose

As a student, I did everything right to land a job in financial services.

High GPA…check.

Leadership roles on campus…check.

Polished resume…check.

Networking pitch…check.

Mastery of interviewing techniques…check.

Jobs came easily through referrals by professors, peers, and career services. I was hitting all the markers of success. Yet, by my mid-twenties I felt unfulfilled in my career and like a stranger to myself. While I was progressing ...

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Workplace discrimination – Remember social media

Marc Jones, an employment law specialist and a partner at at full service law firm Turbervilles Solicitors, shares his expert advice on the thorny and often overlooked issue of discrimination. Over the past 40 years, a number of laws have been passed – including the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Race Relations Act 1996, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and more recently the Equality Act 2010 –  to create a more tolerant and politically correct society in this country. Yet how much ‘PC’ behaviour ...

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Autism and alcohol

Sarah Hendrickx and Matthew Tinsley discuss the potential links between autism and alcohol addiction, and the need for improved autism awareness amongst alcohol support services.

Throughout my time of working in the autism field, the subject of alcoholism in relation to autism continues to pop up on a fairly frequent basis. It was this that led me to suggest to my autistic friend and recovering alcoholic Matt Tinsley, that we write a book on the subject back in 2008 (Asperger syndrome ...

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Ethnic minority doctors face barriers to career progression, says General Medical Council

Black and minority ethnic (BME) medical graduates are less likely to succeed than their white counterparts, according to research by the General Medical Council (GMC). Analysing exams and recruitment data, the GMC found graduates from ethnic minorities performed less well in exams, with those who gained their primary qualification outside Europe even less likely to do well. They also face barriers progressing in their careers, the research found. The average medical exam pass rate is 71 per cent across the UK, but ...

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