Spotlight – Time and Workload Management E-Learning Course

So much to do but so little time! That is such a common scenario these days. Developed by leading author Neil Thompson, this e-learning course is the equivalent of a full day’s continuous professional development. It explores the four principles of time and workload management. Critical of simplistic approaches to time management, it offers a firm foundation of understanding of the complexities involved as well as very useful practical guidance on how to make sure that workload pressures do not ...

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Neil Thompson’s Lessons for Living – Don’t confuse motion with action

How busy someone is and how productive they are can be two very different things. Being busy can become a vicious circle. We can get so busy and have so many plates to keep spinning that we don’t actually manage to make much headway; we achieve relatively little. We can then become demoralised because we feel we aren’t getting anywhere. When morale goes down energy levels go down too. Less energy makes us less productive. Being less productive means we ...

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UNICEF – Child Rights Partners

Child Rights Partners brings together Unicef UK and local government to put children’s rights at the heart of public services and ensure all children have the same opportunity to flourish.

The programme, launched as a three-year pilot in November 2013, is a partnership between Unicef UK and a small number of UK local authorities. With our partners, we are working to embed children’s rights in local authorities’ policy and practice. Our aim is to profoundly change how children’s services are planned ...

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Reducing poverty by promoting more diverse social networks for disadvantaged people

There is growing evidence that an individual’s relationships – their ‘social capital’ – can help reduce poverty. For disadvantaged people from ethnic minority backgrounds, there is also evidence of a limited but significant relationship between less diverse social networks and poverty.

This ‘Solutions’ paper by Ryan Shorthouse at Bright Blue makes four policy recommendations:

  • The receipt of Child Benefit should be conditional upon all parents eligible for the Early Years Free Entitlement when their children are between ...
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Examining The Class Divide: Inequality Today 2015

Last Saturday saw a very large and enthusiastic gathering of Equality Trust supporters and activists at Inequality Today, our annual conference. They came to see a preview of the beautifully filmed and thought-provoking documentary, The Divide, (produced by Dartmouth Films) which is inspired by The Spirit Level book – and to listen to Professor Mike Savage of the London School of Economics talk about the findings in his new book Social Class in the 21st Century.

The afternoon started with The Divide ...

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Seth Godin’s Blog – Is it too little butter, or too much bread?

Bilbo Baggin’s great quote about being stretched thin (“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”) reveals a profound truth:

Most individuals and organizations complain of not having enough butter. We need more resources, we say, to cover this much territory. We need more (time/money/staff) to get the job done.

What happens if instead of always seeking more butter, we find the discipline to cover less bread? …

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