Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Don’t run away from conflict

Over the years I have run very many training courses on conflict management and a common theme that has emerged right at the start has been a strong tendency for participants to bring with them the idea that conflict can be equated with hostility or even fighting (physically or otherwise). Of course, there is a significant potential link between conflict and these other issues, but it would be a big mistake to see them as one and the same. It ...

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How companies can shape workplace culture

What defines an organization’s culture?

It’s people.

Culture is shaped by the collective beliefs and behaviours of its work force. Culture is organic and lives and breathes each day. The aggregate of employees’ daily thoughts, feelings and actions creates the culture, which is tangible and can be measured.

Culture sets the standard for how employees and managers interact with each other and their customers. Peter Drucker’s famous quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” can be observed ...
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Prisons taking role of care homes and hospices as older population soars

Prisons are now the largest providers of residential care for frail and elderly men in England and Wales and are increasingly turning into hospices, providing end-of-life care for older prisoners and even managing their deaths.

In the first report on older prisoners by the prisons and probation ombudsman, published on Tuesday, Nigel Newcomen reveals that the number of prisoners over 60 has tripled in 15 years. He also says there will be 14,000 prisoners aged over 50 by 2020, ...

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Hidden disabilities: Pain beneath the surface

Imagine having to inject yourself thousands of times over the course of your lifetime, but never talking about it to anyone. Many people live with hidden disabilities – conditions which don’t have physical signs but are painful, exhausting and isolating. Sympathy and understanding from others can often be in short supply.

Simon Magnus, Georgia Macqueen Black, Erika North and Natasha Lipman explain what it’s like to have a hidden disability, which some of your friends and family may silently be ...

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Technology convenience vs. Privacy concerns

Most people know by now social media isn’t free – it’s paid for with the collection of its users’ sometimes-sensitive information. Your GPS system keeps track of your movements, and your smart TV or webcam can watch you. Almost all the information these devices collect can be sold to companies or used by governments and law enforcement to keep tabs or gather evidence. At the same time, we use technology so frequently as a society because it allows us to do things ...

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