Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – There’s no such thing as willpower

To hear people talk about willpower you would think it was some mystical power that we all have to varying degrees. Those with a lot of will power are able to do difficult things like give up smoking or lose weight, while – or so it would seem – those with a low level of willpower are doomed to continue smoking or continue to be overweight. The reality is not so simple.

As human beings we are complex creatures, and part ...

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How the U.N.’s new LGBT expert will make the world safer for LGBT people

History was made … as the top human rights body at the United Nations voted to create the world’s first global-level envoy position focused on the human rights of LGBTQ people. In a resolution passed … a plurality of members of the U.N. Human Rights Council voted to establish the position of independent expert with a groundbreaking mandate to combat violence and discrimination against LGBTQ people around the world. While this resolution is the third passed by the council concerning sexual ...

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Workplace climate, not women’s ‘nature,’ responsible for gender-based job stress

Social scientists have long known that women working in numerically male-dominated occupations like physics and firefighting report experiencing workplace stress, but men who work in numerically female-dominated occupations like nursing and child care do not. But why? Is it something about women or something about the workplace? A study by an Indiana University sociologist suggests it’s the latter.

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Feminist alternative to old people’s homes opens in Paris

It’s been 15 years in the making but the Babayagas’ House, a name taken from Slavic mythology meaning “witch”, has just been inaugurated in Montreuil, on the east side of Paris. It’s a self-managed social housing project devised and run by a community of dynamic female senior citizens who want to keep their independence, but live communally.

“To live long is a good thing but to age well is better,” says 85 year old Thérèse Clerc who dreamt up the project ...

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