Spotlight – Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Well-being is an important topic which is increasingly being recognised as encompassing, but being more than, just good health. Important though good health is to a general sense of well-being, there are other factors that make a difference – a sense of purpose or worth, for example – and in this e-book some of those other dimensions are explored. But it is also acknowledged how difficult it can be to keep your own well-being up there on your ‘to do ...

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Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Find a balance of challenges

A life without challenges may seem appealing when we are under pressure, but in reality it would be bland, boring, unstimulating and a recipe for a miserable life. However, going to the opposite extreme of having challenges that are too difficult or too numerous can be very problematic. It can be a recipe for stress and worse.

So, what we need to find is a balance of challenges, a level of challenge that does not leave us bored, but nor does ...

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How to lead a healthier, happier workforce

Employee wellness isn’t simple, and it’s not a one-step process. Employee wellness is complicated because of all the factors that contribute to health and wellness. While providing fresh fruit in place of donuts for a morning team meeting is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of employee wellness.

Wellness programs need to consider the full continuum of mental, emotional and physical elements of an employee to improve corporate wellness initiatives. Supporting holistic well-being ...

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Charities must put those we help on the board of trustees

The night before my first trustee meeting as chief executive of Cardiomyopathy UK, the chair gave me a call: “one of the trustees can’t make it – they’ve had a cardiac arrest”. They were fine once their internal defibrillator kicked in, but it was possibly the most convincing excuse I have heard for missing a meeting.

It made me think about the advantages of having a board of trustees who are service users. I know that the idea of service user ...

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Making your workplace safe for grief

Attempting to get her new business off the ground, Anna worked in public services by day and as a startup founder during every other minute she could spare. She was feeling isolated by the extreme schedule and neglectful of her friends and family — typical of startup life — when she learned of her sister’s suicide. It would be the Twitter message, accidentally ignored for a month, that would send Anna reeling. The note asked that they get together. “I miss ...

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What makes a dementia-friendly community? Respect, collaboration and support

Our expert panel discussed how citizens and services can come together to recognise and support people with dementia. Questions include:

What makes a dementia-friendly community?

Do dementia-friendly communities have to grow from the grassroots, or can they be fostered by national government or organisations?

What’s the best way of ensuring people with dementia and their carers are part of the conversation on dementia-friendly communities?

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