Coping with Cancer ebook

The Cancer Challenge: Coping with Cancer When Someone You Love is Diagnosed by Hannah Mann

Learning that someone you love has cancer can be a devastating experience. It can generate a wide range of emotions and leave you quite unsure about what to do. You will want to be supportive, of course. But what will help? What are the things you shouldn’t do in case they are perceived as unhelpful or inappropriate? This practical guide helps you to think through the issues ...

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Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Beware of vicious circles

The term ‘vicious circle’ is one that is often used, but its significance is not always appreciated or fully understood. This is a pity, as it is an important and useful concept, and vicious circles are far more common than people generally realise.

So, what exactly is a vicious circle? Basically, it is when one thing (let’s call it A) has a negative effect on another (B), and then B has a similar negative effect on A, leading to an exacerbation ...

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Why people fail at conflict resolution

Conflict in the workplace can happen – particularly when passionate people have opposing ideas. But the approach to resolving conflict, while simple, is often overlooked. During a recent leadership course, the trainer said very matter-of-factly that “an issue isn’t an issue until it is communicated.” He gave the example of an employee sitting in a pod of desks, who was annoyed by the regular sighs of one of his colleagues. Yet instead of raising it with that colleague, he ...

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Supportive management is key to creating mentally healthy workplaces

Most of us spend on average a third of our adult life at work – unsurprisingly, our relationships at work and our work environment are crucial to our overall wellbeing. A supportive workplace can play a vital role in recovery, and provide security, structure, social connection, and a sense of purpose for an employee.

In fact, having a supportive manager or supervisor is the most crucial factor in remaining or returning to work with a mental health condition. Supporting someone in ...

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Children need to be in the right mental state to learn effectively

There is a crisis in mental health for young people. Services are operating in silos and they are not working for over-tested, overstressed young people. Much emphasis has been placed on teenagers with low self-esteem, with behavioural and emotional issues and how we can support them.

At Water Hall primary school in Milton Keynes, we believe in the need to identify and address these issues early to be able to implement intervention strategies as soon as possible. Taking action ...

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