Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Read and write

There has been some scaremongering going on that involves suggesting that reading and writing are dying out, in their present form at least. I’m not so sure that I would go that far, but things are certainly changing. Let’s start with reading. The traditional idea was that much learning was done by reading and subsequently applying the knowledge gained to situations you encounter. The more reading you did, the better equipped you were to deal, in an intelligent, informed way, ...

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The myth of positive discrimination

There are thousands of minority groups living in the UK who are disadvantaged in some way. Instead of spoon-feeding them towards success, a better policy exists to ensure their vulnerabilities are protected These days, almost everyone is familiar with the terms ‘affirmative action’ and ‘positive discrimination’. However, few of us are actually aware of what these policies are and how they’re enforced.

Affirmative Action was first introduced in America in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy. The idea was to introduce ...

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Mind the gap to mend the mind

There’s been plenty of evidence … to suggest that the UK is suffering from very poor mental health.  The injection of funds promised by David Cameron to help boost NHS mental health services is a welcome development, but it still raises the question: why are we so unhappy as a nation in the first place?  Well, it seems to start quite early on in life. An international survey comparing the happiness of 8 year olds finds England’s youngsters languishing near the bottom ...

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Share #AutismTMI film!

Almost everyone in the UK (99.5%) has heard of autism but, despite this, only 16% of autistic people and families think the public understands them. The National Autistic Society is set to change that, and we need your help. With World Autism Awareness Day fast approaching, this is the perfect moment to begin our major new campaign to improve public understanding of autism – ‘Too Much Information’. We’ve made a powerful film which allows you to view the world ...

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How well do you know your neighbours?

This unique project is the story of one woman’s bid to be a good neighbour. It explores how little acts of kindness can make a big difference to communities. Based on audio diaries recorded over a six-month period, this short publication takes the reader on a journey of delicate observations, as well as experiences and learning. Names and places have been changed to respect people’s privacy.

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