Coping with Cancer ebook

The Cancer Challenge: Coping with Cancer When Someone You Love is Diagnosed by Hannah Mann

Learning that someone you love has cancer can be a devastating experience. It can generate a wide range of emotions and leave you quite unsure about what to do. You will want to be supportive, of course. But what will help? What are the things you shouldn’t do in case they are perceived as unhelpful or inappropriate? This practical guide helps you to think through the issues ...

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Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Connect with Music

There are very many people who love music and count it as an important part of their lives. It brings them considerable joy. However, there are far more people who never seem to ‘connect’ with music – it plays little or no part in their lives. This may be because they have yet to come across the type of music that really suits them. For example, somebody who would love smooth jazz who has only ever come across bland pop ...

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Judge criticises ‘inhuman’ separation of elderly couples

Separating elderly couples against their wishes when one or both move to care homes must end, Britain’s most senior family judge has said. Sir James Munby said it was “simply inhumanity” that couples who have spent decades together can be separated in their final years,

In a speech … he said such practices could be fatal … He urged social workers to apply a “common decency test” and do more to keep couples together.

Sir James, the president of the family division ...

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CIPD publishes ‘Manifesto for Work’ ahead of General Election

The CIPD have … launched their ‘Manifesto for Work’, which urges the next Government to put ‘good work’ at the heart of its thinking in order to improve the economy, boost individual welfare and prosperity – creating the conditions for good work in organisations across the country.

The manifesto contains a package of reforms including pay ratios, more rights for zero-hours workers and increased investment in skills and training, which aim to address the systemic problems in the UK economy by ...

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Autism awareness video – Can you see me?


We are hoping to promote understanding and acceptance, amongst communities in Wales in order to improve access to facilities and reduce the stigma that many individuals with autism and their parents and carers experience. As an introduction to adapting interactions for individuals with autism, we have created a range of posters providing tips for community provision such as high street stores, banks, supermarkets, hairdressers, cinemas, etc.

We have also created leaflets for GPs and dentists. There are a series of resources ...

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Talking about poverty: How experts and the public understand UK poverty

The idea of poverty and the meaning of the term in the UK is contested, and those working to tackle poverty are finding it difficult to shift negative public attitudes and cultivate broad public support for policies to solve it. This research by the FrameWorks Institute compares how experts – including people with experience of poverty – and the public understand UK poverty. It analyses the overlaps and gaps between these ways of thinking to identify challenges in communicating ...

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