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Introducing the MSc Advanced Practice in the Human Services

Neil is delighted to be able to announce the launch of the MSc Advanced Practice in the Human Services at Glyndwr University. The programme is part-time and fully online and based around his published work.

Recruiting now for a January start:

“Take your knowledge of social well-being issues to the next level with the MSc Advanced Practice in the Human Services programme at Wrexham Glyndwr University”.

“This unique, innovative online course is based around the work ...

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Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Be graceful

‘Grace’ has two main definitions. It can refer to elegance and poise. But it can also mean decency or honour. Both of these aspects can be helpful to us, especially the latter. Let’s consider each in turn.

A graceful person, in the first sense, is one who is unruffled, someone who can deal with trials and tribulations without breaking step. This can be a distinct advantage in relating to other people. It can help put them at their ease and help ...

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‘Black Lives Matter’ emerges as controversial force in the UK

LONDON — The British capital was barely stirring when the nine black-rights activists stormed the runway. Just before 5:40 a.m., the protesters used small inflatable dinghies to slip across the marina that surrounds London City Airport on three sides.

Once on the tarmac, they chained themselves to a bamboo tripod and unfurled banners reading “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and “CLIMATE CRISIS IS A RACIST CRISIS.” It was a controversial and bold statement — with each of the protesters risking a prison sentence ...

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Half of the world’s disabled children are out of school

At least half of the world’s 65 million school-age children with disabilities are kept out of the classroom because little to no money is budgeted for their needs, disability rights groups said in a report … Light for the World, a charity which supported the research, said stigma and misinformation surrounding disability as well as a lack of data on the numbers of disabled children contributed to the problem.

“People don’t see them (children with disabilities) as a worthy investment,” Nafisa ...

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Free webinar to help you identify and support trafficked children

A free Community Care webinar in November will help social workers ensure they are up to date with legislation, guidance and best practice to protect victims of child trafficking.

Swati Pande, assistant manager of the NSPCC Child Trafficking Advice Centre, will lead the one hour webinar on Thursday 17 November and share pointers and case examples to help you address this complex area of practice.

The number of children identified as being trafficked into and within the UK is rising – 982 ...

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