Dealing with Stress E-Learning Course

Written and presented by Neil Thompson, this course offers a sound understanding of the problems associated with stress. Equivalent to a full day’s continuous professional development, the course provides helpful strategies for preventing pressure from overspilling into stress and responding positively to situations where stress has become an issue. It is an ideal grounding for staff and managers alike across a wide spectrum of organisations and settings …

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Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Connect with people and places that matter to you

I have been involved in studying (and tackling) stress for decades. A number of things have stood out for me from my activity in this area. One important one is that there is a danger that, when pressures start to mount, people have a tendency to stop doing things that normally help them cope and keep pressures within manageable limits (and thereby avoid stress). Ironically, this then has the effect of making stress more likely: just as pressures are mounting, ...

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Local and Equal: Does local government work for women?

Local government plays an important role in all our lives: it provides vital care and social services, influences economic development in our neighbourhoods and is a vital part of the UK’s democratic system.

• Local councils spend around £95bn a year
• Women make up over 75% of the local government workforce
• Women are only 33% of local councillors, 19% of elected mayors and 13% of council leaders.

(as of 2016)

‘Local and Equal – does local government work for women?’ is ...

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Using music in care for the dying

Integrating music with supportive care of the dying is becoming more common in hospice and palliative care programs. The conscious use of music as an adjunct support service is good example of how the multidisciplinary approach to hospice care seeks to address the total person and their family. There are several ways that music can be of help. This overview will cover the most common uses of music at different stages of the support continuum, ranging from stress relief for the ...

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An employer’s guide to tackling bullying and harassment at work

Most employers will at some point have to confront allegations of bullying at work. Putting procedures in place as well as managing difficult conversations with the individuals involved is beneficial, not just in the short-term by resolving conflicts, but also by helping create a more harmonious workplace.

Employers can be hit by serious financial, legal and reputational issues if they fail to deal properly with allegations of bullying, from discrimination claims under the Equality Act (if related to a protected characteristic ...

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Housing crisis ‘driving younger and older generations apart’

Britain is becoming more segregated due to high house prices, a report reveals, as it emerged that the number of new “social rent” homes funded by the government fell to fewer than 10,000 last year. Official figures show that 70% fewer social rent homes, where rents are capped, came on to the market in 2014-15 compared with five years earlier at the end of the Labour government. An additional 40,000 “affordable rent” properties also became available, but at up to 80% ...

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