Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Love (and respect) yourself

To be described as a ‘narcissist’ is generally to be insulted. Narcissus was someone who was in love with himself. But being ‘in love with’ yourself and loving yourself are two different things!

In my career I have been called upon to help and support a number of people who are struggling with depression. From that experience I noticed certain recurring themes or characteristics. One of them was the tendency for people who are depressed to be harsh on themselves – ...

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YoungMinds launches activists showcase

YoungMinds are really excited to share our first ever activist showcase, celebrating  some of the young activists that have been campaigning with us over the last year. Everybody working on the campaign agreed we had to create something to give a platform to the young campaigners who’ve been leading the YoungMinds Vs campaign. We wanted everybody to hear them talk about why they are driven to campaign about mental health and how they have been leading change.

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Helping communities to grow

From tiny community gardens to sprawling city farms, FCFCG helps grass roots groups create genuine benefits for their community. And in turn, we are constantly inspired and amazed by the people and the places that we support.

Since FCFCG was born, back in 1980, we have worked with community farms and gardens, school farms, care farms, wildlife and roof gardens, community orchards, community-run allotments and community supported agriculture schemes.

We have helped bring community growing into the mainstream, been at the ...

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Views not shoes

In 2010 we know that the leaders’ wives got more attention than female politicians, so over the 2015 election Fawcett kept an eye on the media to see if things have improved.

Fawcett is investigating if reporting about the economy in the media, central to the lives of women and a key election issue, is the preserve of men.

Read the initial summary of how the media fared in this blog …


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Britain’s hidden racism: Workplace inequality has grown in the last decade

Racial inequality in the workplace has worsened over the last decade, despite the fact that ethnic minorities now outperform white British students in education, research shows.

The Runnymede Trust, the charity behind the study, believes the findings point to institutional racism in the workplace. Ethnic minorities are also more likely to live in poor housing conditions, a comparison of census data from 2001 and 2011 in England and Wales has found.

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