Neil Thompson’s Lesson for Living – Get perspective: Look up at the stars

These days so many people seem to lead very busy, pressurised lives. One of the results of that can be a narrow focus on the last mistake, the next deadline and so on. It can so easily become the case that all we see is the pressure and the potential problems. This can especially be the case when work pressures combine with pressures at home (and, indeed, they can reinforce each other).

One of the dangers in situations like this is ...

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Damning UN report: The state of race equality in the UK

The UN CERD (Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) committee concluded there has been an outbreak of xenophobia and discrimination against ethnic minorities, particularly since the referendum campaign:

Many politicians and prominent political figures not only failed to condemn it but also created and entrenched prejudices, thereby emboldening individuals to carry out acts of intimidation and hate towards ethnic or ethno-religious minority communities and people who are visibly different

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Rail against the system: How our transport system entrenches inequality

New research released by the TUC has shown that rail fares have risen twice as fast as wages since 2010. For those who rely on trains to get to work each day, they will be feeling this hit as they lose more of their wages on their daily commute. This is made worse of course by the often terrible service provided by rail franchises, overseeing frequently late or cancelled trains. However, when you consider how political parties prioritise rail over other ...

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