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Professor Jason Powell

University of Chester

Dr Neil Thompson’s humansolutions website is essential for anyone working in public service, health and social care. It is littered with unique opportunities for professional and personal development. It is a leader in the field. The array of learning materials is outstanding. A must-visit website by one of the world leaders in professional development, research and innovative education.

Nigel Hinks

Independent consultant

In our complex world it remains reassuring and inspiring to be able to engage with the range of help afforded by humansolutions. The information is both accessible and authoritative, offering high-quality guidance on the most intricate of personal and organisational problems. The Bulletin is a welcome and digestible source of ‘food for thought’ and a valuable tool for reflection in, and on, action.

Gerry Skelton

Social work academic and campaigner

I would just like to put on record my appreciation for the work of Neil and Sue Thompson, not only through their impressive output of quality texts, but also their humansolutions website and bulletin. The latter is replete with quality material freely offered and provides much encouragement to many, many in the caring professions – and beyond! So please keep up this good work and my admiration and gratitude for all you do in making this world a better and more positive experience through your sharing and caring.

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