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Grief and its Challenges book

Loss and Grief book

Loss, Grief and Trauma in the Workplace book

Responding to Loss manual

Working with Grief DVD 

Grief and its Challenges explores how grieving has been theorized and explains the many social as well as personal factors affecting how individuals encounter, interpret and respond to grief. Brief but telling vignettes show how theory works in practice across a wide variety of grieving experiences, from bereavement and trauma to the breakdown of a relationship or losing a job. This text provides holistic understanding as well as guidance on how to respond to the bereaved and grieving. It is essential reading for trainees and practitioners in counselling, psychotherapy, social work and nursing looking to make sense of issues around loss, trauma and grief, and give skilled, sensitive support.

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Loss and Grief: A Guide for Human Services Practitioners provides help in explaining the impact loss and grief can have not only after the death of a family member, colleague or friend, but also in so many other aspects of people’s lives.

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Loss, Grief and Trauma in the Workplace provides guidance on how to respond to the challenges that arise when loss, grief or trauma affects people in the workplace. It is an unfortunate but inevitable fact that all organisations will face these challenges from time to time. This book is a much needed and invaluable resource for anyone wishing to manage people in a working environment effectively but sensitively.

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Responding to Loss: A Learning and Development Nanual by Bernard Moss

Loss and grief can affect anyone in any organisation. For some staff, managers and leaders, dealing with them is a frequent experience because of the nature of their work. For others, it may be less frequent; but they are still somehow expected to know what to do when a death or other loss does occur – even if no-one has actually helped them learn. How best can they and their colleagues continue to work alongside someone who is grieving? What is reasonable to expect from a grieving person as they continue to go about their work?

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DVD Resources

Working with Grief (Avenue Media Solutions)

This DVD has been prepared to help a wide variety of people to develop their understanding of the significance of loss and grief in the workplace and in people’s lives more broadly. It is a 30 minute presentation that is divided into three parts. Part One discusses the nature of grief by asking: What is grief? Part Two examines how grief affects us, the various ways in which it has an impact on people’s lives. The final part explores how we can support people are grieving. This DVD offers a sound foundation for more confident and effective approaches to situations that involve one or more people who are experiencing loss and grief.

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