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People Skills book

The People Solutions Sourcebook

From Where I’m Sitting manual

Active Listening power learning guide

People skills 3rd edition

People Skills provides an excellent foundation for learning about self-management skills, interpersonal skills and the problem-solving skills required by a wide variety of managers and professionals.

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tPSS 2e

The People Solutions Sourcebook deals with the factors that contribute to a range of problems including stress issues and is an ideal companion volume to People Skills.

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This manual is designed as an aid to learning for anyone involved in the care of older people: in group living situations – such as residential or nursing homes – hospitals, assisted housing schemes, or in their own homes. Photocopiable, it can be used by training staff or managers and homeowners who wish to run training sessions for relevant staff groups. It provides guidance for those just starting out in this demanding field of work, and opportunities for reflection and debate amongst more experienced workers.

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Most of us live our lives in regular contact and interaction with other people. Often, we listen to other people without paying too much attention to what they are saying – it is a way of filtering some things out so that we do not become overloaded with input that our senses cannot process. However, effective people work requires us to take our listening to a higher lever – that is, to listen actively and with purpose. In this e-book we focus on the why, and the how, of active listening. This Avenue Power Learning guide is just £1.99

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