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An intensive development programme spread over six months. It includes audiovisual and written materials, expert online coaching with Neil Thompson and access to a vast array of wellness resources, challenges and programmes. It is specially designed for anyone struggling in today’s overpressurized workplaces. It focuses on strategies for not only surviving but also aiming for thriving.


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This is a first-class resource I only wish had been around when I was in practice. It’s an online but personalised solution to dealing with the stresses and strains of modern social work practice. The course is broken down into a series of modular blocks including, for example, dealing with stress, organisational issues, supervision and bullying. Each block contains either audio or video files supported by worksheets, questionnaires and checklists. Certainly, it entails a serious commitment from participants, as the programme is detailed and demands an effort. But I have no doubt this resource will pay dividends to those who commit themselves to working alongside Dr Thompson.

Dr John Bates, formerly Associate Professor, Liverpool Hope University.

As an independent social worker, I work with social workers who are still on the front line who struggle to manage and balance the pressures of the job with their private life. Neil’s course covers the topics that will help social workers to better understand the demands of social work and overcome those challenges by focusing on things like stress within the workplace and developing assertiveness. I would have loved to have a course like this when I was on the front line. I have no doubt that this will be invaluable for social workers. I would definitely recommend this course.

Nicole M. Louis, The Social Workers Strategy Mentor

As demands increase and resources decrease, it is no surprise that social work is a demanding job and that, at some time in their professional life, every practitioner feels the struggle; so, Neil Thompson’s excellent resource, Survive in Social Work, has never been more needed. As a well-produced and integrated system of learning and support, its underlying philosophy is that social work is necessary and important for a decent and humane society. This six-month package will help participants thrive as well as survive, with its strong message of holistic rather than atomistic practice. I am happy to recommend this course wholeheartedly; it will be a boon to participants with its unique opportunity to study alongside Neil Thompson, an accomplished author and educator.

Mark Doel, Emeritus professor, Sheffield Hallam University

This comprehensive and thoughtful resource takes the current context of social work practice as its starting point. Although the title is about how to survive, the emphasis on thriving in the profession is key throughout. The course is really well planned out in terms of ease of use and accessibility – there is a very clear and navigable layout, the videos and audio recordings are of a high professional quality. The materials are set out in a way that’s accessible to different learner types with the companion e-learning books, the workbooks to print out, and the use of the audio sections is particularly useful – it’s the kind of resource that people can access flexibly. The characteristically calm, measured style of presentation from Neil Thompson is evident throughout. I think it is a really useful and great resource – very worthwhile in terms of the breadth and quantity of materials.

Mary Shannon, Head of Department of Social Work and Social Welfare, Staffordshire University.

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Survive in Social Work

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