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Safeguarding Adults book

Working with Adults manual

Safeguarding Adults is for anyone who works, or plans to, with adults in any setting who are in need of care of support and who are unable to protect themselves from harm, exploitation or loss of independence, this book shows the need to offer them respect as citizens alongside protection from discrimination and abuse, which can result from powerful social processes of marginalisation, exclusion and stigmatisation. It addresses: how any of us can create and perpetuate the experience of being ‘vulnerable’; how we can address this as a matter of personal responsibility and in workplace cultures and practices; what we can do if we feel that someone is being subjected to abuse; why we sometimes don’t challenge other workers; why we should; and what happens when we do.

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Working with Adults: Values into Practice – A Learning and Development Manual by Jackie Martin and Sue Thompson.

’People work’ with vulnerable, disempowered and marginalised adults requires sensitivity towards service users and an awareness of how they can be discriminated against. This valuable resource can be used by anyone who wants to promote informed practice by putting these and other crucial values into practice. Working with Adults: Values into Practice is for: Trainers, tutors, leaders, managers and supervisors working or teaching in the helping professions: social work, social care, nursing, other health care professions, probation, community justice and youth justice work, youth and community work, counselling, advice work, pastoral work or anyone in other professions when help is sought with the ’people skills’ of management, leadership and supervision.

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