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Promoting Workplace Learning book

Creative Problem Solving DVD

Promoting Workplace Learning is an important book that provides a valuable overview of the key issues involved in successful promotion of workplace learning. It covers developments in traditional practice learning, and also wider aspects of workplace learning such as coaching and mentoring, and the development of a learning culture in an organisation.

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DVD Resources

Creative Problem Solving (Avenue Media Solutions)

This DVD has been prepared as an aid to developing our capacity for creative problem solving. The wider the range of potential solutions we have, the greater our chances of solving our problems will be. This resource has therefore been developed to serve as a foundation for creative problem solving, so that we are not so reliant on a narrow range of problem-solving approaches. The presentation is in three parts. In the first the focus is on why it is important to have strategies for problem solving. Part Two takes this a step further by showing why our approach needs to be a creative one, and Part Three provides advice and guidance on how we can be more creative in our problem solving efforts. Overall, the DVD presentation and associated materials provide an excellent basis for promoting creative problem solving.

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The video content of this DVD is available for a period of 24 hours on pay per view at just $2.99 at http://vimeo.com/ondemand/avenue

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