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Welcome to humansolutions, the website dedicated to promoting well-being by providing information about 'people problems' in the workplace, in families and in the community. Where there are people sooner or later there will be problems, whether in the workplace, in families or in communities. Having a better understanding of problems and potential solutions can be of benefit for a wide range of people: managers and human resources professionals; members of the caring professions; and, of course, everyone else – we all have problems to wrestle with from time to time.The pages accessed via the TOPICS link on the menu at the top of the page provide free information relating to the topic concerned. We hope you will find it useful and will return to the site again and again. To learn more about well-being issues and related matters, why not subscribe to our free fortnightly e-zine,THE humansolutions BULLETIN? This site has been developed by author and consultant, Dr Neil Thompson and his colleagues, and is provided by Avenue Media Solutions, suppliers of high-quality learning resources for the people professions. All information presented is copyright Avenue Media Solutions, but can be reproduced in its entirety provided that (i) its source (the website) is clearly displayed and (ii) this copyright notice also appears.